Uptown Farmers Market


The Farmers Market opens for the season on May 3rd, 2014!

The Uptown Farmers Market is located in the Uptown Arts District of Michigan City, Indiana. Our beautiful town, nestled on the southern shore of Lake Michigan, is an hour from downtown Chicago and forty-five minutes from South Bend. Here in La Porte County, at “the door” to America’s heartland, we offer an amazing variety of seasonal produce, flowers, breads, cheeses, and meat, along with prepared foods from local bakeries and restaurants. Our vendors, from your favorite summer stand-bys to a few fresh faces, are listed under the tab above.
We hope to see you soon, whether you’re a weekly supporter or first-time visitor. Say hi to our market manager, Kia – she’ll be the one in a t-shirt with a tomato on it!

Vendor Applications

If you would like to apply to become a vendor for the Uptown Farmer’s Market, you may complete the application online

Uptown Farmer's Market Vendor Application & Guidelines

Welcome to the Michigan City Mainstreet Association’s (MCMA) Uptown Farmers Market, located at the corner of 8th and Washington Streets in the Uptown Arts District in Michigan City, Indiana. Please review the information below, complete the application, and return it with a check made out to the Michigan City Mainstreet Association.

Note: All non-food related vendors must have pictures submitted by April 25, 2014.

Market Guidelines: 

- Prominently display a sign with the business name, address, and phone number;
- Clean the producer’s assigned area at the end of the market day;
- Allow no pets or children to run unattended in the market area;
- Conduct business in a professional manner;
- Sell processed foods only from a licensed facility and post all necessary licenses, certifications, and permits required by law for all products;
- Be responsible for all needed permits;
- Grow or process at least 80% of all saleable items; and
- Hold the MCMA and its agents harmless from any liability, expense, claims for damages, or suits relating to participation in the Market

Manager, Kia Bergerson, has the authority to:

- Work with the vendors to assist in their success;
- Record vendor attendance and collect fees each day the market is operating; and
- Address any disputes or complaints.

The Market Manager has full authority to enforce the Market’s rules and refuse acceptance of any vendor or product that is not in keeping with the rules and quality of the Market. Vendor booth assignments will be made by the Market Manager in a fair and equitable manner based on needs of the market, previous attendance, good standing with market fees, and vendor seniority.

The MCMA has the right to change market rules as needed and will notify participants concerning these changes. If market days are cancelled by MCMA for any reason, other than acts of God, the vendors will be refunded any money paid for cancelled days.

The 2014 market season will begin on May 3rd, 2013, and will end on October 25th, 2014. The market will be held on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Rental Rates Mainstreet Members* Others
Weekly $25.00/space** $30.00/space
Seasonal 6+ spaces $100/space $110.00/space
4-5 spaces $125.00/space $130.00/space
2-3 spaces $150.00/space $160.00/space
1 space $225.00/space $240.00/space

Please list the products you plan on selling at the Uptown Farmer's Market.

Please type your full address including street, city, state, and zip.

If your business has a website, please list it here, if not - you can leave this field blank.

I agree to abide by the Uptown Farmers Market guidelines and vendor rules outlined above and agree to hold the MCMA harmless for all liability related to my participation in the Market.

*By typing your name in the box above, you agree this is the same as a handwritten signature transmitted digitally.

Enter today's date

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 or download the pdf.

Please make checks payable to Michigan City Mainstreet Association and send them to the address below.

Michigan City Mainstreet Association

P.O. Box 442
Michigan City, IN 46360

If you have any questions or concerns regarding applying or market rules and policies, please contact our market manager, Kia Bergerson, using the contact information below.

Kia Bergerson, Market Manager
(219) 210-2055


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